Norma Calmo

Mam and Spanish Interpreter

I am a Mam speaker. I came here to better my life. I was born in Guatemala, and I feel proud of my roots and I give thanks to my parents for giving me life. I have faith. I believe in God who has given me everything I have. Iā€™m surrounded by people who are understanding and hard working. Besides working in Street Level, I also work in the East Bay Agency for Children helping interpret for Mam speakers and assisting teachers.

Soy Maya hablante. Vine aqui para superarme mas. Naci en Guatemala y me siento orgullosa de mi raza y mis padres que me dieron la vida. Tengo mucho fe, creo en Dios que me ha dado todo que he sonado. Soy rodeada de personas carasmaticas, comprensivas y trabajadoras. Ademas de mi trabajo en Street Level, trabajo tambien en EBAC (East Bay Agency for Children) ayudando en la escuela como interprete Mam y asistente de maestros.ā€