Employment Opportunity: Day Laborer Workers Rights Organizer

Title: Day Laborer Workers Rights Organizer
Time Commitment: 40 hours per week w/Benefits
Reports to: Immigrant Rights and Empowerment Program Manager

Organization: Street Level Health Project (SLHP) is an Oakland-based non-profit organization dedicated to improving the health and well-being of underserved, urban, immigrant communities in the Bay Area. Street Level is “a safety net of the safety net” and serves as a point of entry to accessing health and other services for those most often overlooked and neglected, namely the uninsured, underinsured, and recently arrived. The Oakland Workers’ Collective (OWC) was launched in March 2012. OWC is a worker-driven collective committed to building community among Oakland day laborers. We provide vocational training and leadership development that informs workers of their rights, creates safe employment opportunities, advocates for policies that support immigrants, and partners with other organizations that are committed to racial justice for immigrant workers. Please see website for more information: http://streetlevelhealthproject.org and www.oaklanddaylabor.com

Job Description: This position will work closely with the Fair Labor Oakland (FLO) collaborative partners, minimum wage coalition led by Centro Legal Raza to ensure Oakland workers rights are enforced and support workers informing them about their rights through KYR outreach and workshops, supporting conversations with employers on wage theft issues and minimum wage violations, educating workers on the process of filing claims, connecting workers to legal support as needed to the monthly clinic as needed, and jointly with collaborative and work on worker campaigns, employer and media outreach as necessary to highlight the abuses of worker violations. Furthermore the position will continue to develop and implement day labor street outreach organizing at the Oakland day labor stops to engage workers at street corners as well as Oakland Workers Collective members in current worker campaigns that SLHP. This role will also interface with other partnerships and collaboratives and represent at tables related to workers rights (ex. Meetings with National Day Laborer Organizing Network).

Project Responsibilities (80%)
Minimum Wage Outreach and Education
● Conduct weekly outreach to day laborers and low wage workers regarding Measure FF protections by providing know your rights (KYR) mini workshops that are intersectional between
employment health and safety rights and immigrant rights.
● Prepare educational materials and outreach materials that include coordinating with the outreach team to purchase breakfast meals and preparing snack bags with materials.
● Provide assistance to day laborers and low wage workers that can include but not limited to:
○ Recording information and narratives about the worker’s experience
○ Perform basic math calculations about how much the worker is owed; Advocate for payment of unpaid wages through written and phone communication w/ employers.
○ Educate workers on the process to recover wages and take initial steps (demand calls/letters) and work in conjunction with Centro Legal to get workers connected to legal support.
○ Support linkages to legal counseling to Centro Legal de la Raza’s monthly legal clinic
● Use best efforts to fully engage, coordinate, cooperate, and collaborate with all of the local partners who are part of the Project, including attending regular meetings and conference calls
and participating in joint, collaborative activities
● In collaboration with partners create joint activities may include: centralized resources for trainings, best practices, referrals for organizations, joint workshops, trainings, media events, local advocacy, co-creation of resources, shared referrals/cross referrals complementing each other’s services, collaboration beyond coordination
● Support local worker organizing efforts and connecting day laborers issues and involving day laborer leaders to provide testimonies as needed
● Attend scheduled partner meetings monthly or as necessary.
Day Laborer Worker Organizing
● Assist (along with outreach team, Mam outreach worker and manager) in liaison work between day laborers, neighboring community, and business as a means of fostering a shared sense of
community. Assists with mitigating conflicts arising between day laborers and surrounding businesses at day labor stops as they arise.
● Assists in working with stakeholders on a plan to improve and implement long term solutions to grievances at day labor stops by including day laborers as a means of finding long-term solutions.
● Ensure that all outreach activities performed that includes documenting stories, incidents, events, problems, and conflicts are properly documented in the weekly report.
● Do data entry of daily activities and data collection of day laborers to support day labor advocacy and organizing efforts.
Note: The following activities may be on hold and/or resuming with COVID-19 protocol implementation
● Support weekly Oakland Workers’ Collective activities that including building relationship with day laborers and provide KYR workshops
● Support weekly OWC member meetings and develop curriculum and lead political advocacy training during our organizing section of the calendar.
● In collaboration with IRE Manager, facilitate new partnerships to bring in outside facilitators to member meetings and support coordinating calendar activities for members with the OWC team.
● Serve as leader and point of contact at the regional day laborer centers at encouraging and convening worker meetings and retreats to collect input on policy priorities and engagement with policy advocacy projects.
● Identify and recruit worker leaders by providing avenues of engagement in worker campaigns that SLHP participates by providing leadership development support and guidance to workers.
● Participate in building campaign coalitions and key relationships with campaign-related allies (ex. National and campaign calls with the National Day Laborer Organizing Network)

Administrative Responsibilities (10%)
● Support with job referral programs as needed and other day labor program activities (ex. Day labor fund calls, funding pick up coordination, and tracking for grant purposes)
● Keep track of data, activities, material other information as needed for grant purposes and provide support in writing smaller quarterly grant reports.
● Help facilitate one-on-one check-ins with day laborers to ensure they are supported by the OWC program and that their needs are being met within the organization’s capacity.

General Organizational Support (10%)
● Support with job referral program as needed and other day labor program activities as needed (ex. Day labor fund calls, funding pick up coordination, food program, etc)
● Support occasional organizational events and advocacy efforts (such as annual Christmas event and other social events).
● Collaborate with other program staff to ensure documentation of referrals between departments.
● Attend bi-weekly department meetings and staff meetings and other organizational meetings as needed
● Other duties as assigned

Skills and Experience Required:
● Must be fluent in English and Spanish, with strong written and oral communication skills. Mam speakers are highly encouraged to apply.
● Flexibility and willingness to work irregular hours (Tuesday evenings, some weekends, depending on demands of the week)
● Experience working with hard to reach and diverse populations that include recently arrived immigrants and Day Laborers
● Demonstrated experience in community organizing, popular education and community outreach
● Experience conducting street outreach and engaging with workers to gain trust and relationships by listening, being energetic, and creating connectedness between workers
● Experience in working in partnerships, coalitions, advocacy and campaign work on immigrant and workers’ rights
● Experience in curriculum development and providing workshops/presentations/trainings.
● Knowledge of Microsoft office and Google Suite. Experience with Salesforce preferred.
● Excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Able to work independently as well as a team.
● Ability to prioritize, meet deadlines, manage multiple projects
● Demonstrate ability to work independently in fast-paced environment.
● A valid California driver’s license, and good driving record is required.
● Excellent interpersonal and verbal skills required; ability to effectively interact with members of the local business, public officials, local police department and other stakeholders required; ability to use tact and diplomacy in communication.
● Cultural awareness, patience, courtesy and respect are a must.

Salary and Benefits:
The position is compensated at a rate of $22.00/hour for 40 hours per week. Full Benefits (vision, dental, health) accrual of 2 weeks of vacation/sick per year , and an addition of 2 weeks paid time off during December closure (after a year of employment). Schedule is 9-5:30pm to match service delivery and administrative responsibilities, however schedule may change depending on program needs.

How to Apply: Please submit a cover letter detailing related experience and a resume to jobs@streetlevelhealthproject.org. Note job title in the email subject. This position will remain open until filled.

Street Level Health Project (SLHP) is an equal opportunity and af irmative action employer, and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, ancestry, national origin, marital status, age, disability, gender, identity, HIV status and any other characteristic protected by local, state, or federal law, in any of its relationships with employees or employment applicants.