Andrew Herring, MD

Board Member - Secretary

“Working with Kathy and our other partners to get the Street Level Health Project off the ground was one the most challenging and rewarding things I have ever done,” says Andrew Herring, emergency physician at Highland General Hospital and co-founder of Street Level Health Project.

“Kathy Ahoy showed me a vision of how to realize compassion and activism in a practical, sustainable way. She forced us all to never lose sight of the everyday lived experiences of our patients and to not artificially separate medical needs from the social context of displacement and marginalization in our community.”

Andrew received his MD from Harvard Medical School, where he worked on health projects in Boston, the Dominican Republic, Peru, Cuba, and Costa Rica. As a Fulbright Scholar in Costa Rica, he worked with a team of Costa Rican physicians and the International Office for Migration to develop a program that brings health care services to migrant indigenous Guaymi workers on remote coffee plantations, with funding from the World Bank.

“Public health exists in a global context. When coffee prices crashed in the late 1990’s in Central America we felt it directly in Oakland with hundreds of migrants arriving in just a few months. The traditional public health infrastructure is often too slow to respond to this kind of emerging population and its complex humanitarian needs. This is where grass-roots organizations like the Street Level Health Project can have such a huge impact.”

Andrew is looking forward to ongoing work with Street Level Health Project and a career in Emergency Medicine, global health, and health equity research. “Street Level Health Project models an ideal community-based health project, combining social justice, empowerment, and medical intervention. Its ongoing growth and success is a great inspiration to me personally,” he concludes.