Saida Cornejo

Day Labor Employment Advocate

Saida Cornejo is a proud Mexicana born in Michoacán, Mexico, and raised in Hayward, CA. She recently graduated from UC Berkeley with a B.A. in Legal Studies and Ethnic Studies. As the oldest child, Saida is the first of her siblings to graduate college and plans to pursue a postgraduate degree in the near future. At Cal, she completed an Ethnic Studies Honors Thesis, “Entrepreneurial ‘Illegality’: Legal and Cultural Exclusion in Undocumented Entrepreneurship”, where she explored the close relationship between “illegality” and labor.

Her passion for labor and immigration stems from her family’s experience as immigrant workers in this country. Saida has witnessed the exploitative working conditions that undocumented migrants endure. As such, she is determined to advocate for and support immigrant workers.

Saida always looks forward to a break from the city and enjoys camping, kayaking, and hiking.