Flavio Martinez

Lead Day Laborer Organizer

Born and raised in Oakland, Ca Flavio has made it his goal to give back to his community. Coming from immigrant parents, the topic and struggles of immigration have always been prominent in his life. While attending UCSC, he developed a passion for community organizing and learning about the power of people. Through his love for the community, and his work with the Alameda County Immigration Legal Education Partnership (ACILEP), he has focused on empowering the immigrant community in Oakland and across Alameda County. By providing Know Your Rights workshops, and various forms of training, many individuals have received the necessary skills to defend themselves in emergency immigration situations. Now at Street Level Health Project Flavio plans to continue his work in immigration as part of the Immigrant Rights Empowerment team and ACILEP.

Outside of work Flavio enjoys finding rare items for his vintage antique collection and playing/watching basketball and baseball, with his two teams being the Portland Trail Blazers and the Oakland A’s.