Lucy Morales

Director of Programs

Lucy was born to a single mother in one of the most underserved areas of Mexico, in a family whose indigenous roots are long forgotten to violent erasure by colonization and industrialization. Lucy and her mother bounced around precarious living situations in peri-urban Mexico for seven years before eventually feeling forced to migrate to the US after NAFTA’s de-regulation of trade severely devalued her mother’s profession as an agricultural engineer due to the influx of cheap, heavily subsidized US agricultural products. From the age of 7 through the age of 16 Lucy experienced life as an Undocumented American in Chicago, a city where these stories are often hidden. At 16 Lucy gained permanent residency which allowed her to think outside of her limitations as an undocumented person. After receiving a dual BS in Finance and Economics, Lucy spent most of her career working in the private sector; however, given her social identity and experience living as an Undocumented Person, she always felt a calling to provide support to migrant communities.

In 2020, Lucy moved to Oakland and began working with underserved communities, most recently day laborers. Lucy continues to explore her interests in understanding forced migration, border imperialism, border abolition, and the impacts of colonialism and economic exploitation on people’s right to place.