Samuel Martinez, LCSW

Consejor-Counselor of Traditional Healing Praxis

I am the Great grandfather of one, a Grandfather of nine, a Father of six, a Brother of nine, an Uncle of too many to count. For all my relations I have joined my mother protesting and healing from 500 years of Generational Trauma. I have responded with 50 years as a Conscientious Objector to war and a Community Activist in the MeChicano Human Rights Struggle.

To help our people heal from Generational Traumatic Oppression I have added the following to what my mother, our Medicine Woman and Oral Historian, taught me:
For the past 44 years as a Social [Justice] Worker developing my Traditional Healing Praxis (Lo Siento Trauma Recovery). I have also responded with 29 years’ service to the National Compadres Network, 23 years as a Temachtiani, Temazcal-Sweat Lodge Leader of my Mechica-Family Lodge; 15 years as a Mitotiani, a Mexica Ceremonial Dancer with the Palabra Cuauhtonal, Ascending Eagle; and a Sun Dancer for five years with the Northern Paiute at Fort McDermitt.

For 39 years I helped develop CASA de Sol and CASA CHE at La Clinica de La Raza; the first community based Crisis Emergency Response Services using a Cultural Strength Based Model for a Health Wellbeing, and Community Health Education program. Then for four years I applied this model to Victims/Survivors of Crime.

I have documented all of the above in five books and a number of power point/graph presentations. I am currently working on short story activities that teachers can use in class rooms to help children with emotional/social learning.