Benjamin Bechtolsheim

Board Member

Benjamin Bechtolsheim is the Chief Operating Officer of FreeWorld, a non-profit organization that supports individuals leaving prison to find stable employment. In his work, Benjamin leads the education, program, and data science teams – helping to build rigorous, evidence-based approaches to workforce development, poverty reduction, and prison reentry.

Before working at FreeWorld, Benjamin was a senior government official in the State of Connecticut, where he led the COVID-19 vaccine roll-out and played a leadership role in the State’s COVID-19 response. Prior to that, Benjamin spent six years as a public health consultant – working with non-profits, philanthropies, and public agencies to design innovative public health interventions, with a focus on community health.

Benjamin lives in San Francisco with his spouse, Caroline. They love to spend time with their family, get outdoors and hike, and do pottery at a local ceramic studio. Benjamin was excited to join the Board after having been a supporter of Street Level Health for eight years. He believes in the power of grassroots, community health and primary healthcare models.