Shandel Aguilar

Health Navigator

Shandel Aguilar is an immigrant from Mexico City. She settled in Oakland along with her family back in the 90’s and lives in the Fruitvale/Foothill area with her three children. She is an artist, advocate, internal liberation seeker, community organizer, and an individual that is rooted in community.

Shandel is a DACA recipient and attended Merritt College. She has worked in different sectors where she has learned, taught and advocate for the community she loves and cares about.

Shandel has joined the Wellness and Prevention team at Street Level Health Project. Her journey as an Mexican immigrant has inspired her to work alongside a community she strongly identifies with.

Shandel’s family faced many barriers and inequities, many of which many members of her community still face today.

“I know it takes a brave and powerful person to leave their heartland. Starting over in a new country not knowing the language and/or the culture is not easy. Many of our community members don’t have a choice but to leave their families behind and that takes courage. Cada decisión que alguien toma sea chica o grande tiene poder.”